Video Surveillance

Video surveillance can be highly effective in preventing property loss, crime, it also help with workers efficiency, prevent vandalism, injury fraud and more. Today we see more and more Megapixle resolution in many type of cameras, such as Analog HD, TVI and IP cameras. A good system is a system that can provide a proof of a crime; it could be a face detail or license plate. The next level of security and relibility is the Cloud Surveillace which eliminate the risk of Hard Drive crash or act of theft to teh Video Recorder.
Security Cameras Products

ZURTECH has extensive experience in both designing and installing security camera systems, both IP Megapixel cameras and analog cameras. Our specialty is quality - both in design and workmanship. We will offer you a complete solution with the best material and labor possible to your requirements, protecting your investment and ensuring your hardware will last for years to come.

Access Control

Access Control system is another measure of security in facilities or buildings.
Access control system installation is putting a selective restriction on the entrances and resources as well as monitoring and recording the accesses.
Combining access control installation and CCTV installation will increase the security and will reduce the cost of installation.

Access Control Products

Burglar Alarm and Smart Home

Burglar Alarm was and always will be one of the great ways to protect your premiss from burglars, it's is very true that with Security Cameras the efficiancy of protection is almost 100%. There are additona;l featres that been addedd to alarm systems such as Celullar communicator and Smart Home functions like Lights Control, A/C Control, Locks Control and so forth. It is redculisly cheap comper to the high-end systems. Have a full control from your mobile app 24/7 thanks to

Burglar Alarm products