? A Quick Guide to Video Surveillance Cameras

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A Quick Guide to Video Surveillance Cameras


Demand for surveillance video cameras is on the rise today, while the technology itself has become increasingly available to both regular citizens and corporate consumers alike. In addition to their use in large retail locations, banking centers, and top-secret government compounds, CCTV installation of video surveillance cameras are now being regularly used in common residential and office settings for both straightforward activity recording and more comprehensive security needs.

The most important things in our live, such as our family, residence and business are the most obvious that we need to protect. These are amongst the best motives to buy and install a new IP surveillance camera today. Since we cherish these and a finite few other people and organizations in our lives, it makes perfect sense to insure their complete protection with a video surveillance system.


Video Surveillance Camera Varieties

There are several kinds of video surveillance cameras and IP camera installation protocols on the market today for consumers. It is important to learn about these to better discover the exact camera that works for your diverse security needs.


Dummy Security Cameras

As the name implies, dummy security camera installation involves the use of inoperative replicas of security cameras. While they cost much less than regular security cameras, they do not, obviously, enable the user to record a video signal. They do serve the purpose, however, of acting as a visual facsimile of a video surveillance camera, which often intimidate and deter potential criminals, who think it is the real thing.


Stealth Surveillance Cameras

Stealth video surveillance cameras are often smaller sized stationary cameras that are secretly disguised by common objects that occupants of a space would not typically detect. Many common household or office items, such as ceiling lamp, a book, or even a piece of art, can often accommodate a stealth surveillance camera.


Remote Security Cameras

Remote video surveillance cameras enable users to place them without hard wiring in more challenging settings, such as those that are far away from power sources or that require quick and strategic installation.


Traditional Surveillance Cameras

Hard-wired traditional surveillance cameras are perfect for indefinite use in visible locations. For those who require continuous surveillance, these are the best choice.


Night Vision Security Cameras

Night vision security cameras are most appropriate for both nighttime use and in lower lighting situations. Infrared technology that senses radiation from objects enables these cameras to pick up images and reproduce them clearly in black and white.


Residential Surveillance Cameras

Residential surveillance cameras, from hard-wired models to remote types, enable users to utilize several features, such as motion detectors and timing devises for indoor and outdoor lights, which help criminals think that residents are still home.


Secure Your Residence or Company Location

In today’s day and age, your security and protection mean more than everything. To easily review company staff operations and to make sure that loved ones are safe and sound, it is a smart idea to research and purchase the perfect video surveillance camera and video surveillance system for your specific needs.