? Prevent Legal Fraud with a Surveillance Cameras

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Prevent Legal Fraud with a Surveillance Cameras


Fraudulent lawsuits are chief amongst the most significant concerns that most corporations and even small businesses share. Often, in the case of a fraudulent lawsuit, a company employee or other person files a legal case when they believe that they can exploit the company and its ostensible legal obligations. This same employee or other person often believes that the corporation will not suffer any monetary consequences or other deficit because the company is protected by an insurance policy. The legal defense of such a case for the company, however, indeed can cost significant sums. Today, many companies are turning to the security industry to prevent fraudulent lawsuits by installing state-of-the-art surveillance camera security systems Los Angeles experts say.

When someone claims that they were struck and injured by stationary unmanned forklift, for example, on company grounds, it is challenging to contradict their claim if nobody has seen the incident. Witnesses are highly instrumental for the company’s defense. Typically, the company must either proceed with a lengthy expensive legal case and take it to trial or they must settle with the plaintiff. When a company proceeds with a security camera installation, however, the entire company grounds can be viewed and recorded. The video record can then be used as a witness of sorts for the insurance company to help win the case. Industrial companies maintain rules and regulations of safety conduct for their employees and guests. Despite these rules, however, an unforeseen accident may occur. Often, a company employee or guest can experience an accident on company grounds without a witness at hand. Whether or not that person violated safety regulations can’t be proven by a party other than employee or guest, so the company is required to discover fault as such.


Comprehensive video surveillance security systems, which record all actions that take place at the company location objectively, can provide concrete proof that an employee or guest may have indeed broken safety rules, ultimately negating the fraudulent lawsuit. For fraudulent lawsuits that are brought against a corporation or small business, insurance may cover the company and clear the charges. While settlements commonly prevent full-blown trial court, a significant amount of legal effort and payment is required of the company defendant. In addition to this expense, it is quite likely that the company defendant will pay larger insurance premiums for their next cycle of payment. The much smaller preventative measure of a video security installation would have easily provided a record to prove that a fraudulent lawsuit had no grounds.


All companies pay for insurance in order to protect their grounds, employees and operations, which provide them peace of mind that they will not have to engage in fraudulent lawsuit or, if they do, will compensate only a small dollar amount for settlement. A security camera installation can similarly protect the company in order to reveal that the injured party has indeed no substantial case against the company.


Ultimately, buying a security camera and installing a full security camera system will place the company that uses it in good light. The insurance company will then, as such, lower their overall insurance rates, knowing that there will be a record that helps any potential future lawsuits. Of course, with that security camera video record, when cases do arise and are won, the insurance rates will stay low.